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Name:Where the Ghoul Kids Rule
None of us are ever good at filling these out, but since I am the one here I suppose I will try.

I do not at this time feel comfortable giving my name. For the purposes of having something to call me, simply use the moniker G. I like books, writing, fast food of all and sundry varieties and apparently using Google for a spell checker when the built-in browser spell checker fails me.

I am also extremely shy, easily stressed out, and occasionally very anxious.

I am sharing this journal with two gentlemen who are over all better company than me, I feel. One of them is also very shy, though, so it works out. I suppose, if you want to you can consider this a triple blog, though we are all members of a plural system, so you may not want to consider it that, but we do.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Be aware though, we do not promise answers.

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animals, apple, beads, being a dj, being friendly, black cats, blue jeans, candy corn, canon can bite us, cats, cemeteries, chameleons, claws and effect, cold weather, collections, college life, communication, computers, creative writing, crossfade, denim, dolls, errant punctuation marks, fearleading, fire, friendship, ghoul spirit, ghouls, graves, gymnastics, halloween, horn-rimmed glasses, icoffin, inaccessibility sucks, industrial music, ipad, ipod, lengthy surveys, lordi, mac, macintosh, marshmallow hearts, marshmallow pumpkins, monster high, monsterfying words, multiplicity, music, my little pony, not homework, not neil young, not to be ignored, not what you expect, not your mean girl, not your woobie, orange, paper journals, peace symbols, plurality, radio, retro-inspired fashion, saber-toothed tigers, save the internet, school, seventween, shopping, sleeping, studying, vibrant colors, werecats, werewolves, winter, zombies
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